Actors who appeared in Morse and then appeared in Lewis or Endeavour. Second attempt.

After a failed attempt to upload a video clip version of this video due to copyright issues, here is the same video but with pictures instead of video clips. A recent post in the Endeavour Facebook page, got me thinking and wondering how many actors who appeared in Morse then turned up in Lewis or Endeavour, so, I put together this video. It is rather comprehensive but I may have missed someone. . It does not include those actors who appeared in Lewis and then Endeavour. Hopefully you will all enjoy the video.


A big thanks to my friend Sue Jefferies who pointed out an omission in my video. That omission was the actor Danny Webb who played not only DS Arthur Lott in the Endeavour pilot episode in 2012 but also appeared in the pilot episode of the Lewis series in 2006 as Tom Pollock.

danny webb  webb2




    • You’re welcome Sarah and always good to hear from another Morse fan. Well blogging is really just what this page is. People create a blog for lots of different reasons. I began blogging to show my love for the Morse series and those that followed.


  1. I’ve traipsed through both the blog and the FaceBook page, and could not for the life of me find the list of characters that played in both series (I haven’t watched much Lewis). James Laurenson played Tony Richards of Richards AudioResearch in Morse’ The Dead of Jericho, and Professor George Amory in Endeavour episode “Game”. Incidentally, Richard Durden – the real Alan Richards in …Jericho turned-up in the Foyle’s War episode Fifty Ships as Home Guard Commander Letwin.
    Nice thoughts for Trevor Byfield… I wish he’d had more screen time, of course. But then there’s Geraldine Page who plays a salaciously wonderful wreck. :”Health, Wealth & Happiness…and leave a message, for God’s Sake!”


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