Endeavour: DI Fred Thursday’s Sandwiches



Just a short post while I work on a larger more complicated one. For many of the Endeavour episodes we see Win Thursday (played by Caroline O’Neill who also appeared in the Lewis episode, ‘And the Moonbeams Kissed the Sea’, second series first episode, as the first murder victim’s wife, Susan Chapman), send her husband off to work with a sandwich. So far we know what she puts in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s sandwiches but as yet, unless I missed it, we haven’t found out what Mrs Thursday puts in her husband’s sandwiches on a Wednesday. As far as Saturday is concerned, Fred Thursday’s incredulous reply to Endeavour on being asked, ‘What no sandwich, today?’  “On a Saturday? Talk sense!” (quote from series 1, episode 3 ‘Rocket’).

So here are those fillings with the episode details on when we first learn of the contents in Fred Thursday’s sandwiches.

Monday – Cheese and Pickle. (Series 1, Episode 1, ‘Girl’)

Tuesday – Luncheon Meat. (Series 1, Episode 1, ‘Girl’)

Wednesday – Yet to find out. (I’ll guess at Cheese and Tomato).

Thursday – Ham and Tomato. (Series 2, Episode 1, ‘Trove’)

Friday –  Corned Beef. (Pilot Episode)




  1. I love that she makes those sandwiches. I am just now watching And the Moonbeams Kissed the Sea. I saw the character of Mrs. Chapman and thought she was Mrs. Thursday so I came over to the computer to check on imdb. And then I saw a link on fb to this post. Twilight Zone music please. :<)


    • That’s very American and though there may be a few people in this country who now have peanut butter and jelly (or jam as it’s called in the UK) due to the influence of American TV and film it’s very doubtful it would have happened in 1960’s Britain. Hope you enjoyed the post.


  2. Lovely post, thank you.
    I wonder if Potted Meat or Haslet might make an appearance? Or were they a “northern* thing, and as such, not a staple with refined palates in Oxford ;-p
    Also do you think Win will go with fish paste again after the near miss with the Bloater Paste in ep2?

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    • I think Haslet and Potted Meat would be a possibility as I doubt the Thursday’s would refer to themselves as having a ‘refined palate’. Glad you liked the post Treesha.


      • Cucumber and something, perhaps. Cheese and cucumber? I don’t remember tuna in the sixties, either. (Though I don’t eat fish, so maybe I missed it!) I remember tinned salmon sandwiches, which would have been a bit of a luxury, reserved for visitors. As has been pointed out, fish paste was the sandwich staple. Tinned sardines were popular – did people put those in sandwiches, too? I can’t remember! My favourite was Sandwich Spread – a rather unattractive, but tasty, mayonnaise-like concoction that came in a jar. But that would probably not be nutritious enough for DI Thursday’s lunch,


  3. Thrilled to have found your blog! Didn’t think anything would match up to our wonderful Morse, but after watching Shaun Evans in another show I binge watched all three series and am thrilled at how wonderful Endeavour is. My suggestion for Wednesday is Meat Paste :-)).


    • Hi Lindsay. I think he did get bloater paste in his sandwiches in the last series when Thursday’s wife was on holiday. I think his son made it for him as they had ran out of a particular ingredient for Thursday’s usual sandwich for that particular day. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  4. Not being from the UK, I had to look up what a cheese and pickle sandwich was. This made me go on a mission to track down a jar of Branston Original Pickle which proved not all that easy to find. I am at this moment enjoying my very first cheese and pickle sandwich. I have Fred Thursday to thank.

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    • Hi Jerry and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoyed the sandwich. So, now you have tasted Branston pickle what is the nearest American equivalent? I hope you find something else of interest on my blog.


  5. Wonderful facts and figures, thank you, I enjoy your catch ups greatly, Sandwiches….I have a feeling Saturday is fish and chips, I am sure I heard Fred Thursday mention it once, all the best.


  6. Thanks so much for doing this. I totally love the characters in Endeavor and get a big kick out of Thursday’s predictable lunches. I was never in the UK but was totally in the 60’s.
    ; )
    P Wissman


    • Just found your fabulous blog by accident on a site for the show called previously t.v. Thank you thank you thank you. We in America love this show as well, especially his sweet sandwiches from his lovely wife. I vote for fish paste as well for Wednesdays, or maybe she let’s him eat out on Wednesdays? Hey,he deserves a pub lunch once a week! I am going to so enjoy going over your entire blog about Morse, Lewis and Endeavour….ahhhhhhhh!


  7. Thank you, THANK YOU for this wonderful blog post! We are so happy to see we are not the only ones who cherish the mere mention of Thursday’s sandwiches. I think our favourite ones are when poor Thursday looks dejected when Morse is too preoccupied to comment on his sandwich at the pub, and when Morse is not there to declare the day’s sandwich, and most recently, when Thursday is relieved to see that Morse remembers that it’s Friday, because his sandwich was corned beef (after Morse was dosed with an LSD-like concoction). As Americans, we would love to know if there was a certain kind of cheese and a certain kind of pickle that people in England would use for cheese and pickle sandwiches? Or was it common to simply use what was on hand, or according to individual taste? Can’t wait to find out about Wednesday sandwiches, hopefully in season 5!


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