Another Pub Identified this time from the Morse episode, ‘Daughters of Cain’.

daughters of cain perch inn binsey lane

Well, this is fantastic. Another reader of my blog, Richard, has written to let me know that the pub I couldn’t identify from the Morse episode The Daughters of Cain, is The Perch Inn at Binsey Lane,  Binsey, Oxford OX2 0NG. The above photo is a scene in said pub. The pub is shown in the episode at 19 minutes and 30 seconds.

Here is their website;

Richard actually worked at the pub during the time the episode was being filmed and told me that they had closed the pub for the day to allow filming. Richard’s sister and brother in law were the landlords at the time. Richard also mentioned that there was a fire at the pub a few years ago so he isn’t sure how much of the internal layout survives from when the Morse episode was filmed in 1995.

perch inn binsey

perch inn binsey2

Below is the view via Google’s street map.


A huge thank you to Richard for this information. It is wonderful to fill another gap in the Morse pub location knowledge. Richard also thinks his sister may have photos from around the time of the filming. Fingers crossed she does.



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