The Unlocated and Unidentified Pubs from Inspector Morse.


Hello Mateys, I hope you are all well. So, after the success of having two of my blog readers identify two pubs that I was unable to I decided to look at how many were left unidentified. The number of unlocated and unidentified pubs stands at 13. Though I write thirteen it is probably less than that. For example in the episode The Last Enemy it is obvious from the two clips in the video below that it is the same pub. But, I decided that since there are thirteen scenes with pubs unlocated in the Morse series I would keep that number.

The scenes are as below with the scene times following;

Service of all the Dead (2 pubs) 1h 1m 53s & 1h 30m 50s

The Wolvercote Tongue (1 pubs) 1h 13m 25s

Last Seen Wearing (1 pub) 31m 51s

Last Bus to Woodstock (2 pubs) 54m 57s & 1h 19m 11s

Ghost in the Machine (1 pub) 42m 32s

The Last Enemy (2 pubs) 35m 46s & 1h 38m 34s

The Secret of Bay 5b (1 pub) 53m 1s

Deadly Slumber (1 pub) 48 m 23s

Death is now my Neighbour (1 pub) 1h 37m 44s

So detectives get your thinking caps on and watch the video below and help me identify those pubs. Be aware that there will be spoilers in the video.



  1. I am a Canadian fan so identifying the pubs I cannot do but I would like to say thank you for allowing me to join your group, have a lovely day


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