Morse’s Eating Habits, (or lack of them). For Mark, Sam and all my friends on Facebook.

jericho (2)

On the ‘Endeavour: The Inspector Morse Appreciation Society‘ Facebook page Sam Kavanagh asked about Morse’s eating habits and in that discussion Mark Gibert wrote, “Christopher – we need a blog post of scenes where Morse is seen eating”. So, Mark here is that post. Of course I had to scan all 33 episodes (close to 55 hours) very quickly but I think I managed to collect all the eating scenes contained within the Morse series. In the Promised Land episode Lewis does tell Morse he needs to collect his own food to cook it on the barbie but he is stopped before he collects anything.

So, enjoy the video and let me know what you think.



  1. In “Second Time around” (at 29) Morse, seeing Lewis outside the police station with tea and sandwiches, asks him: “For me?” But what do you think Morse has eaten in the same episode before the kitchen scene (at 60) where he asks Lewis to help him “dry up”? 😉


    • Morse does say in that scene that the the dishes etc are an accumulation. So, what we saw him washing up was probably a week’s worth of dirty dishes, cutlery etc. I don’t remember seeing any pots or pans being washed so one has to assume that he had cold meals like sandwiches.


      • Exactly! And I won’t be surprised if the accumulation dates back to the previous series 😁 Now, what about Morse’s toothache in “The Last Enemy” which most probably prevented him from eating well, if at all? Despite the “extra sugar” in his coffee (as Lewis tells us), isn’t it also possible that the toothache was caused by the consumption of candy and chocolate, but when? (There’s an allusion to a Mars bar in the book of _The Remorseful Day_). In this episode, Morse tells Dr Russell that his mother insisted that he “have a proper breakfast”, but in the next scene we see him drink instead (“have” is not the equivalent of “eat” 😉).


  2. Well, looking at Endeavour – the beautifully thin Shaun Evans – Morse has never eaten much. Another marvellously thought-through detail? 😉


  3. Morse has clearly been eating toast and marmalade for breakfast in the episode The dead of Jericho which he hastily puts away when His boss Strange makes a surprise call.


  4. I like what Dr Grayling Russell said in ‘The Secret of Bay 5B’ in The Lamb Inn, when they were taking lunch together on Saturday, near the end of the episode, ‘Don’t you ever eat Morse? ‘Oh this is pure food, he replied, whilst downing a pint of ale, ‘I suppose lesser mortals have tried but failed’, she says.


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