Oxford Times: New Video of My Time in Oxford with Lewis, Morse and Endeavour.


Hi everyone and welcome to my fourth video of my time in Oxford. This video is set around my time at the Victoria Arms pub and the Bridge of Sighs. I hope you enjoy.



  1. Thanks for the video, matey. I noticed the house with blue plaque at 3:50 and determined it is Cromwell’s House, 17 Mill Lane, Marston. The Morse clip from ‘The Remorseful Day’ is great.


  2. Oh Chris, you do not know how exciting and amazing it is to practically “be there” thanks to you and your camera. By the visit Victorian Arms pub, That was incredible, I even felt the bumps of the road – ja ja ja ja-
    Fantastic, and the wind¡¡ My God amazing, really, and th Bridge of Sighs… thanks, thanks especially for people like me, living so far away; SouhAmerica, So keep going. ’cause we’ll be with you. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. The best for you


    • Oh Maria thank you so much for the lovely comment. My intention all along was to allow people who might never get the chance to visit Oxford to see it from a ‘real’ view other than just through the television shows.


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