UPDATE: Unidentified Pub Locations from the Morse Series. Another is Identified.


Above is the the scene from Fat Chance where Morse and Lewis take a well earned lunch (It happens at 21 minutes. Up until today it was one of the few pubs that hadn’t been identified but HOORAH a blog reader, Victor Hall, wrote to tell me the ID of the pub. It is the Blue Anchor that was situated at the bottom of Fishpool St. St. Albans, Hertfordshire. The scene was filmed in the rear beer garden.





Sadly this pub is no more and due to be converted to a residential dwelling.

Victor, a huge thank you from me and I am sure many blog readers and Morse fans.

So below is the few pubs left to identify. We will get there, slowly but surely, in identifying them all.

Service of all the Dead (2 pubs) 1h 1m 53s & 1h 30m 50s

The Wolvercote Tongue (1 pubs) 1h 13m 25s

Last Seen Wearing (1 pub) 31m 51s

Last Bus to Woodstock (2 pubs) 54m 57s & 1h 19m 11s

Ghost in the Machine (1 pub) 42m 32s

The Last Enemy (2 pubs) 35m 46s & 1h 38m 34s

The Secret of Bay 5b (1 pub) 53m 1s

Deadly Slumber (1 pub) 48 m 23s

Death is now my Neighbour (1 pub) 1h 37m 44s




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