Judy Loe as Adele Cecil in the Inspector Morse Series.

So, after running a poll on the Endeavour Morse Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2400957493/) on which woman would have been the perfect partner for Morse, Judy Loe’s character Adele Cecil was the outright winner.

After this result I decided to make a video of all scenes that included Judy Loe as Adele Cecil. She appeared in two episodes, Death is now my Neighbour and The Wench is Dead.

I had always hoped that Morse would not be killed off in the series and the novel but be allowed to walk into the sunset with Adele. It’s the romantic in me. I hope you enjoy the video. Do be aware that if you haven’t seen the afore-mentioned episodes there will be spoilers.



  1. Apr. 17-18

    In viewing for the second time recently several Morse episodes,I was struck by how quickly he asked out women he had just met, who were often associated with cases he was working on. In one early episode, he even perjured himself in court so that his lady friend would receive a lighter sentence!

    John Thompson


  2. I really enjoyed watching this, and many other parts of your blog, Chris, thank you so much for all your wonderful work. And I cannot help thinking how right you were wishing for another ending of the Morse saga: that he and Adele should be seen walking into the sunset… Although I gather that would be a change from the original novels (C. Dexter) and on the whole a deviation from the dramatic sense of Fate that has always been hanging over Morse?


  3. She was emphatically NOT the right woman for Morse!! The wench ABANDONED HIM to take a job in Australia – just because two people like music and a woman dares *gasp* drink a beer, does not mean they are “meant for each other”. A couple should have a few things in common and a few things they enjoy individually …. learn to share and enhance each others’ lives ….. she CHOSE to dump him for a new job. Nope, her character was devoid of the intense romanticism which informed Morse’s every moment. It was a meaningful fling for both of them but her character was not a match for Morse who would have made the right lady the core of his universe, job be damned!


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