My Favourite Scenes from ‘Lewis’ involving Hathaway and Lewis.

Hello and welcome to my latest post. As the title states the video below is all my favourite scenes that involved Kevin Whately as Lewis and Laurence Fox as Hathaway.

I hope you enjoy.



  1. So sorry I can’t view this because it’s blocked in the U.S. I’ll just have to think of all my favorite scenes, and maybe they’re yours too. After all, with Lewis and Hathaway, you can’t go wrong.


  2. It took quite an effort for me, who doesn’t reside in the UK, to be able to see the video, but it was all worth it! I absolutely enjoyed it. I was glad that you’ve included most of the scenes which I suspected and hoped you would choose!

    Since I was introduced to the Series via ENDEAVOUR (I’m one of those new audience to whom Mr Shaun Evans wanted to introduce the Morse franchise), LEWIS has become one of my all-time most favorite dramas. Can’t wait to read your book when it becomes available!

    All the best,


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